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No Lockdown Transonic Sessions - Winter 2020​-​21

by Transonic

Music is cooking more spices you have more the travel is contrasted I prepared the ingredients fields recordings recent guitar recordings some new synths recordings I imagined some new parts, dark, sunny, quiet, energic strange, reassuring… I wanted to travel in different countries in my luggage two synths, a noise box some percussions to play live small drums a mic opened for the voice and some percussions during playing I imagined a structure a story and that I would like to be free the result is a testimonial of my moods, at precise moments: new tests…
"Mindfuck" is the latest in a series of collaborations between visual artist SaveMe Oh and musician A Limb (Didié Nietzsche in Real Life). These performances in the virtual world Second Life (a world where you can still hug people without danger) are always largely improvised, one feeding off what the other creates. As is often the case, the music was created without DAW nor MIDI connections, using real synths and grooveboxes. Voices are produced and manipulated on an iPad. "Mindfuck" can be understood in its literal sense, but also as the spirit in which the year 2020 left us. ------------- "Mindfuck" est le dernier d'une série de collaborations entre l'artiste visuel SaveMe Oh et le musicien A Limb (Didié Nietzsche dans la « Real Life »). Ces performances dans le monde virtuel de Second Life (un monde où l'on peut encore embrasser les gens sans danger) sont toujours largement improvisées, l'une se nourrissant de ce que l'autre crée. Comme c'est souvent le cas, la musique a été créée sans DAW ni connexions MIDI, à l'aide de vrais synthés et grooveboxes. Les voix sont produites et manipulées sur un iPad. «Mindfuck» peut être compris dans son sens littéral, mais aussi comme l'esprit dans lequel l'année 2020 nous a quittés.
During the time of self quarantine, in lockdown i spend couple of days in my home studio. My working space played a major role, makes me feel comfortable and cozy. I was mentally forcing myself into this crazy quarantine, which now everybody has to be in. I started thinking about all limitations we have in connection with our families, friends and community. But ideas we have, thoughts we create can not be lockdown, they floating on the air with no limitations. I tried to catch all those feelings we have in this hard times and put it into the music. Loneliness, anxiety, a bit of darkness and a bit of lightness, little joy and little hope, all that you can feel and experience in music i made for this special project.
"Like flowing water always finds its way, music always finds a way to reach us if we let it enter our soul" Stephan was like a brother in music to me; we were playing as a duo. Stephan passed away during these difficult times that we are experiencing. Stephan went discreetly. Alone at home during the lockdown, I had to do something to express my feelings... my sadness for a friend who is gone. This piece in two parts reminds me of the precious moments we spent together. Forever the music we shared will resonate in my soul. Thank you my friend. I will never forget you.
Quiet hour at the Shrinery, a finger lifts to lip Evil eyes looking to leave Protection in question A thurible swings a smokey ring and finger lifts to lip What's it like to sleepily decree the hands their passion? What's it like so violently decree the hands their ration It's all quietly passing by helplessly denied Church yard trees sing creakily Shadows cast on stone Memories are willed to leave as the boundary line divides What's it like so constantly to feel a vast amiss the waking sea shines silvery and feels a vast amiss It's all quietly passing by helplessly denied Passing feeling swallowed deeply buried in the pits with steeping thoughts The fire gently breathing growing larger comes the reeling Covered up in days vibrating Unearthing in night's staccato silence Tearing, shredding, ripping, roaring Longing for the holy holding " A long form improvisation precedes and follows the song form which features field recordings from summer and autumn, guitar feedback, kalimba, 12 string guitar, a miniature guitar for children, and a song that suddenly came from it about being fettered and waiting in line.


Dans le cadre de l'initiative No Lockdown Art - #NoLA2020 lancé, avec succès, lors du premier confinement en mars 2020 par les Pépinières européennes de Création (pepinieres.be) et Transcultures - Belgique (transcultures.be), afin de soutenir et diffuser en ligne des projets contemporains d'artistes internationaux et prolongée à l'occasion de ce deuxième confinement au cours de l'hiver 2020-21, des créateurs sonores issus de différents pays et d'esthétiques variées mais toutes aventureuses, sont invités à envoyer chacun une session audio live ; celle-ci est illustrée d'un visuel fixe ainsi que quelques lignes de présentation sur les conditions de réalisation de la pièce et une courte présentation de l'artiste. L’accent est mis ici sur la puissance imaginaire de ces voyages sonores à destination d’un public connecté inconnu.
A partir de mi-décembre 2020 et jusqu’à fin janvier 21, les Pépinières européennes et Transcultures annonceront, chaque semaine, la mise en ligne d'une session (une pièce continue - qui peut être en plusieurs mouvements mais en seul fichier WAV - entre 20 et 30 min max) d'un artiste différent.


Production : Transcultures, des Pépinières européennes de Création, avec le soutien du Ministre-Président de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


As part of the No Lockdown Art - #NoLA2020 initiative successfully launched during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 by the European Pepinières of Creation (pepinieres.be) and Transcultures - Belgium (transcultures.be), to support and disseminate interesting online contemporary projects by international artists, and extended on the occasion of this second lockdown period during the winter of 20-21, sound creators from different countries and adventurous aesthetics are invited to each send a live audio session (like an intimate concert to share online with an unknwown public) this will be illustrated with a fixed visual as well as a few lines of presentation of the piece and a short presentation of the artist. The emphasis here is on the travelling quality of the sound work and the mental images that it can generate in the listener).

From mid December 2020 until the end of January 2021, the European Pepinieres in partnership with Transcultures and Transonic (indie label dedicated to singular sound creations), will release weekly a session (a session - which can be in several movements but in only one WAV file – between 20 and 30 min max) from a different artist like a sonic voyage. The piece will be put online on the Transonic bandcamp.

This project is coordinated by Philippe Franck (artistic director of Transonic, European Pépinières de Création and also of Transcultures),
Christophe Bailleau (guest curator) with the help of Jacques Urbanska (network manager of European Pépinières, Transcultures).


released December 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Transonic Brussels, Belgium

Transonic is a independent label dedicated to electronic, organic, poetic music... and other sounds.

Transonic is produced by Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck).
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